20. 07. 2022

Elan's Solar Power Plant Begins Producing it's own Energy Today

Elan down

100% GREEN: Energy of the Sunny Side of the Alps

At Elan we design, develop, and manufacture premium products for a healthy and active lifestyle. When we work on developing new and innovative products, the question of "How much energy will it take to create a new product?" is a regular part of the discussions. For those of us of who shape the trends of industrial production, the choice of energy and its source is a major strategic consideration. Elan's path to future victories will be powered exclusively by renewable energy, and part of our electricity will come from an important acquisition - our own solar power plant that starts producing its first kilowatt hours today.

Solar panels opening

From the left: Luka Bizjak (Head of Property Managment, Elan), Leon Korošec (Director of Winter-Sport Division, VP Elan Group), Blaž Šterk (Managing Director at Interenergo d.o.o.), Mohor Vrhovnik (Director of Energy Services at Interenergo d.o.o.)


So far, this year has been a landmark year for Elan. Not only have we successfully transitioned to 100% renewable electricity, but we have also added another milestone: partial energy self-sufficiency.

Bright and emission-free future
Solar energy is the fastest growing segment of sustainable electricity production, opening the doors to a low-carbon economy with breakthroughs in technology, greater price competitiveness, and efficient new business models. 

For Elan, a company that has been committed to increasing its energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from its core business, setting up a power plant within its own facilities was a logical strategic move that starts making its contribution today. The solar power plant will provide an average of 12% of the company's annual energy needs and will help reduce emissions by almost 498,2 tonnes of CO2 less than before.

The shift to sustainable power dictates a fast and efficient pace in the economy and society as the traditional dependence on fossil fuels and the associated greenhouse gases have a massive impact on the other building blocks of societal well-being. Elan thus reaffirms its commitment and continues to lead by example in its industry and the region. 

Independence from fossil fuels, along with the new solar plant, will provide a carbon sink as powerful as 15,000 trees on an annual basis.

Quick facts about Elan’s new solar power plant:
•    Total rated power: 1MW - enough to supply 160 households
•    Annual electricity production: 1,060 MWh
•    Total number of installed panels: 2,500
•    Total surface area: 5,000 m2.

Elan rooftop

Local knowledge and raw materials are now supplemented with in-house energy
In recent years, we have made a concerted effort to strengthen our dedication to "Handcrafted in the Slovenian Alps" by optimizing our sourcing to ensure that we receive about 99% of all raw materials from the European Union. We have deepened our local knowledge and involvement in the surrounding communities through projects to restore the forests of Gorenjska region, directly providing a source of wood that will be used for Elan skis for generations to come. We consider it a remarkable achievement that we have been able to add energy supply to our chain of sustainable change. This is further proof that sustainability really is part of Elan’s DNA.

Guaranteeing stability while boosting competitiveness
Elan has entrusted the construction project to the international company Interenergo which provides consulting, system set-up, and renewable energy supply services within the KI Kelag Group. The partnership model sees the two companies working together on a long-term basis, with Interenergo taking care of the installation, maintenance, and competitive supply of RES energy while Elan receives permanent ownership of the power plant at the end of the investment period to further reduce its costs of electricity. The long-term electricity bill will be lower, making the company's operations more economical and sustainable while allowing it to reallocate resources towards investments that strengthen the ongoing genesis of the company's innovative products and business development.