27. 07. 2021

Elan Lauches Energy Contracting Project

Elan down

In the middle of July Elan signed an agreement with the Interenergo company for the construciton of a solar power plant. The Elan solar power plant is scheduled to begin operating in June 2022 and will have 2.500 solar panels on an area of 5000 m2 for a total rated power of 1 MW and an estimated annual power production of 1.060 MWh.

The objective of the partnership is to optimize the operation of the company’s energy system in order to reduce consumption and costs. The partnership scheme gives Elan the ability to complete the project and reduce the variable part of its electricity costs for a period of 25 years. In-house solar power production will save up to 498 tons of CO2 per year, the absorption of which would require 15.000 trees.

Sustainable development is a very important objective for Elan so we are very proud to begin using clean and efficient energy.