04. 06. 2021

A Movie ~Mission Mt. Mangart "An untold 10th Mountain Division Story of WW2"~ by Chris Anthony Honored with Best Historical Film at Cannes World Film Festival

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We are pleased to announce, “Mission Mt. Mangart,” an untold 10th Mountain Division Story of WW2, by Chris Anthony is has been honored with the winning title of Best Historical Film at the Cannes World Film Festival. Should it be selected as Grand Winner amongst all the categories it will be screened in Cannes during the annual Award Ceremony.

“Mission to Mt. Mangart,” is a new film written, directed, edited and produced by first time documentary filmmaker and professional skier, Chris Anthony. The documentary explores new and untold stories of the famed 10th Mountain Division, whose epic battles ultimately contributed to Germany’s surrender of Italy on May 2, 1945.

Even today, stories of this World War II experimental unit (America’s first ski troop) stir our imagination. Their skilled athleticism and equally matched heroism are that of legends. Their contributions to history and post-war skiing, mountaineering and outdoor recreation industries, make the 10th Mountain Division an indelible legacy.
While much of the 10th’s history is well told, this documentary delves into the untold stories that inspired Anthony’s project, one which took six and half years to complete.

On June 3rd, 1945, following Germany’s surrender of Europe, the10th Mountain Division made of men from from a variety of countries whom had migrated to the United States and joined the ski troop held a ski race on the slopes of Mt. Mangart and determine who was the most daring and fatest skier on that day. 76 men took on the challenge while over 500 look on as spectators. It was a symbolic day of victory in so many ways. The men were skiers long before they were soldiers. After everything they had been through gliding down a slope was sign of freedom.

In 2020, members of the 132nd Mountain Regiment of the Slovenian Army and Elan Headquarters Team met at the historical site to present a special edition Ibex Tactix folding ski to Slovenian dignitaries. The 132nd Mountain Regiment celebrated the memory of the post war event by skiing the Tactix on the site of the original race.

“Mission to Mt.Mangart” was created as part of the Chris Anthony Youth Project whose mission is to build engaging educational tools, juxtaposing the innocence of the 10th’s ski race in the midst of wartime with the context of the international instability at the time.