20. 07. 2021

Elan participates in the Slovenian Digital Center

Elan down
Elan participates in the Slovenian Digital Center with Voyager skis.

The Slovenian Digital Center is the central economic event of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of The European Union. It provides companies with the opportunity to present innovative and technologically advanced solutions, products and services. In addition to presentations the Centre also provides lectures, educational seminars, conferences, workshops, hackathons, business meetings, networking and hosting.

The Digital Center is situated in Ljubljana’s BTC commercial center and presents the best stories of the Slovenian economy and scientific and education institutions.Over six months the Center will host over 80 events aimed at expanding the digital competences of all those wishing to upgrade their knowledge in any of the six monthly fields of expertise: smart cities and communities, sustainable societies and economies, artificial intelligence, 5G and cyber security, digitalization and robotics and industry 4.0. The events will be organized by separate themes and intended for both the professional and the wider public. 
As a global leader in the field of ski innovation, Elan will be presenting its multi-award winning Voyager concept - the world’s first folding all-round carving ski. The Elan exhibition trailer will serve as the mobile exhibition space and  the presentation will be carried out by representatives of Elan’s winter sports division. 
This week Elan is participating in the 3rd Solutions Festival - a meeting space for companies that follow the principles of sustainable production in the field of textiles, fashion and manufacturing, with the aim of presenting its unique digital and green solutions in an innovative way.