18. 03. 2021

Elan Achievements

Elan down

Over the three-quarters of a century of Elan establishment the world has seen historic landmarks, life and society have changed almost beyond recognition. It is a similar story with skis. They have changed profoundly. Elan has always been a driving force behind these changes. That is why the company has earned the reputation of the ultimate innovator that continues to change skiing. It is almost impossible to count all the inventions and innovations that were born in Begunje. Elan’s products were always ahead of their time, giving those in the know a glimpse into the future. Karving is a fundamental invention of the modern ski industry. That is why we can say that every modern ski carries a bit of the Elan spirit. Ski from Begunje, Slovenia, became the sense of joy, happiness, red cheeks and fresh winter air enjoyed by thousands of skiers around the world. Yes, we are proud of creating Always Good Times for the past 75 years.